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A portfolio of tailored business solutions.
rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration.

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What we Offer

  • rev™ Digital Transformation Strategies

    Helping companies to plan and invest in digital transformation projects.

  • rev™ Digital Channel Marketing

    Digital Customer Experience. Omni-channel Commerce. Sales Automation. AI & Voice Assisted Technology. Content Marketing.

  • rev™ Sales Development, Coaching & Mentoring

    Turning audiences into customers. Developing the right skills, mindsets, and behaviours for sales staff so they can confidently engage, qualify, and nurture sales opportunities.

Our Core services

Sales & Marketing Acceleration Programs; build sustainable sales pipelines.

rev™ Digital Transformation

Providing Digital Transformation Services to support companies with their Digital Customer Experience, Digital Customer Journey, Omni-Channel Marketing, AI and Voice Assistant, and Sales Development Programs.

rev™ Digital Channel Marketing

Digital Customer Experience solutions which provide companies with hyper-targeted, integrated, omni-channel marketing programs which are supported by personalised and contextual digital content.

rev™ Sales Engagement

Sales engagement programs designed to turn Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) with qualification, nurturing, and conversion tools that build healthy and sustainable sales pipelines.

rev™ Mentoring & Coaching Service

Our business mentoring provides you with the framework and ongoing support. Our mentoring programs allow you to make informed decisions, and more confidently build your business to support a quality sales pipeline.

rev™ Sales Training & Development

Successful sales companies always have a sales framework, process and sales skills in place to make every sales opportunity a success. We help you to implement a consistent and sustainable sales program.

rev™ Start-Up

Do you have a new business idea? Wondering how to move from a concept to a commercial offer? rev™ Start-Up is a programs provide entrepreneurs with an essential go-to-market toolkit.

Additional Services we offer

image EVERY business MUST have a Website.
rev™ WebServices is a website design, development, and marketing service.
We get businesses online quickly, and we market their brands using our expertise within Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Our Mobile and Google friendly designs engage audiences, and then take them on an educational buyer-centric journey.

rev™ WebServices Packages: Check Website packages and prices [LEARN MORE]

image For brand manufacturers, NPD is a critical component to developing new products that meet market and consumer needs. Retailers are constantly pressuring brand manufacturers to be more innovative, but also 'efficient' in their product development and supply chain processes.

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow uses Process St tools to support NPD / NPI workflow management. rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow ultimately removes roadblocks, reduce supply chain costs and get products to market as quickly as possible.

rev™ has helped 70 of the top 100 CPG companies with various aspects of their NPD & NPI process. We understand the entire process from ideation through to advanced supply chain and replenishment processes between a brand manufacturer /supplier and retail distributor.

rev™ NPD Acceleration Workflow: Read about our workflow management solutions [LEARN MORE]

image The digital age allows consumers to research and shop in new ways.
The internet and tools such as smartphones allow fast and easy access to online information about products and services. Sales focused companies need to learn and adopt new ways to 'cut through the online noise' in order to target buyers.

rev™ Sales Training delivers quality and powerful sales training programs which deliver the latest sales techniques for business development, lead generation, sales engagement, sales qualification, and prospect nurturing.

rev™ Sales Training Programs: Check our training packages and prices [LEARN MORE]

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