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Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

By 2022, Gartner predicts that 70% of all shopping transactions will be influenced by website or mobile device.

Digital Transformation has now become a business essential!

Digital Transformation isn’t about having a page on Facebook, or storing data in the cloud

It’s a mind change, and a culture change towards the way you use digital solutions in the workplace, the way you communicate your brand, and the way you interact with customers

Digital Transformation projects are initiated for the following reasons:
1. Meet the needs and demands of today’s consumer
2. Access more efficient business development and marketing tools
3. Increase their operational efficiencies and adapt to staff culture shifts
4. Optimise the way you deliver your product or service
5. Allow the business to scale and grow.

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is a digital transformation agency.
We connect companies with customers using Digital Customer Experiences (CX) and Journeys.

Using the consumer purchase decision tree our team map your digital touchpoints into a digital experience and journey tailored to your customers needs and your offer. rev™ then implement hyper-targeted digital marketing and sales engagement programs to flood your sales pipeline.

How we can help you!

rev™ Digital Transformation Framework: Use our framework to plan your Digital Transformation Project.

rev™ Digital Customer Experience: Learn more about Digital Customer Experience and Journey.

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