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Sales Engagements

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Sales Engagements

rev™ Sales Engagement Programs show companies how to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and convert to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is an expert marketing and sales agency who help companies to turn audiences into customers by implementing hyper-targeted omnichannel sales programs.

rev™ work with your business to develop your sales strategy and tactics, sales process and framework, sales toolkits, and lastly provide sales support with access to quality sales training, coaching and mentoring.

Engagement: using tools and techniques to engage MQL
Qualification: teaching sales staff how MQL to SQL qualification
Nurturing: interactive and educational program that build trust
Conversion: building quality and sustainable sales pipelines
Leverage: Using account management to create cross-sales opportunities.

How we help you to get started

Sales Development Dashboard: Visit our self-service business development dashboard for a range of tools and resources.

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