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A portfolio of tailored business solutions.
rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration.

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Our Strategy & Planning Programs

Getting the Strategy and Plan RIGHT before you begin your marketing and sales engagements.

Business Strategy Workshop

Want to grow your business?
rev™ Business Strategy Workshops are hands-on forums that cover brand management, digital marketing, sales engagement areas of your business. Workshops define your business marketing and sales strategies and also tactics.

Sales Strategy & Tactics Workshop

Struggling to get “quality” Marketing Qualified Leads, and Sales Qualified Leads? Old or outdated strategies can be detrimental to business sales results. rev™ Sales Strategy & Tactics Workshops are buyer focused “tactical ” business development sessions.

Start-Up Business Accelerator

rev™ Start-Up Accelerator Programs are onsite workshops which focus on the go-to-market elements of a new business. We look at the brand, message, audience, offer, marketing, sales, operations, and your expansion plan. We also provide business coaching and mentoring.

Our Digital Marketing Programs, Workshops & Seminars

Social Media & Digital Marketing programs that will have new business leads running through your door!

How AdWords should be used!

STOP wasting money on social media & digital advertising until you understand the RIGHT and BEST way to use Google AdWords, Facebook & Twitter Adverts. This Webinar shows you how these form part of your audience, traffic, and conversions program - Content Marketing.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Understand Digital Marketing but struggle to pull everything together into digital program? rev™ Digital Marketing Bootcamps are for people who understand social media and digital marketing, but need help to plan and design their live programs (sales funnel).

Brand StoryBoard Workshop

What you tell people about your business isn’t always what they hear? rev™ Brand StoryBoard is a brand review workshop that refines your business message (elevator pitch) into a clear and concise “story” making it far easier for people to hear AND comprehend.

Building Digital Sales Funnels

Learn how to build automated digital sales funnels!
This workshop shows you how to design and build your digital campaign and sales funnel. We cover the adverts, sales offer, squeeze page, conversion process, remarketing program, CRM integration, and automated email workflows.

Digital Marketing Healthcheck

Want better results from your Digital Marketing?
Our rev™ Healthcheck is a review service for your existing campaigns. We check their set-up, and provide a documented improvement report. We also ensure that you are using the LATEST digital functionality with tips and tricks.

Website Marketing Programs

Learn how to market your website
Our website marketing programs teach you how to market your website and use social media & digital marketing to build online audiences, generate traffic, and implement conversion strategies and tactics to generate sales leads.

Our Sales Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars

Sales Training, Coaching, and Mentoring is the key to building healthy and sustainable sales pipelines.

Killer Sales Plan Workshop

Don't have a current Sales Strategy or Plan?
rev™ Killer Sales Plan Workshops are a hands-on strategy development workshop to build a 12-months sales and marketing plan. Participants should include Sales, Business Development, Account Management, and Marketing teams.

Sales Fundamentals Program

Need some sales training to improve the way you engage, qualify, and nurture sales prospects? rev™ Sales Fundamentals Program is sales training designed to improve your sales and qualification process. Our sales methodology helps sales staff to build sustainable sales pipelines.

Business Development Accelerator

rev™ Business Development Accelerator Program is designed to leverage your existing sales skills and introduce some of the latest business development techniques being used for lead generation, sales engagement, sales qualification, and prospect nurturing.

Sales Presentations and Demonstrations

Sales presentations will make or break the sale!
During our 4-hour rev™ Sales Presentations and Sales Coaching Program, we show you how to prepare, create, and deliver the BEST presentations and product demonstrations.

Entrepreneur Development & Mentoring Program

Do you possess an Entrepreneur spirit?
rev™ Entrepreneur Development Program is mentoring service designed to help you commercialise those GREAT ideas to build a successful business.

Sales Coaching & Mentoring Workshop

Want to leverage your business sales pipeline?
rev™ Sales Coaching and Mentoring Workshops are onsite corporate programs that review, educate, encourage, and finally improve your sales process and outcomes.