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LinkedIn Business Development


LinkedIn Business Development

Are you trying to do business using LinkedIn?
Struggling to find the ‘right’ contacts?
Are connections and messages being ignored?
If you are NOT using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, then you should START NOW!
FINALLY, there is a program that locates, connects, and engages your prospects on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s LARGEST business oriented networking platform with over 300-million subscribers. Like-minded professionals use this system for business networking, to stay in touch with connections, as well as educate themselves on various business related topics. They also use this platform to advance their professional and personal development through the various subject groups, articles, and connection posts.

If you are NOT using LinkedIn for prospecting (or, at least, doing it well), then you need to START NOW!
We can show you how to do it, and be an expert at it!

rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program is our latest program that has been constructed specifically to improve the networking ability on LinkedIn to drive sales leads and appointments.

This program can be simply downloaded from our website and comes complete with EVERYTHING you need
(steps, tasks and templates) to immediately begin building your LinkedIn sales lead generation system.

Does this sound familiar to YOU?
“I spend hours every week on LinkedIn, searching for companies that may be interested in our services. My results can vary, occasionally I find the right people, but when I approach them with our services, the conversation tends to just drop-off, and they show no interest.”

Our company’s sales team had the same issue!
Over the past 12-months, we have subscribed to many of the LinkedIn webinars, and paid for LinkedIn sales programs.
We did have results, BUT our challenge was turning their ‘sales-centric jargon’ (removing all the buzz words) into something that worked well, AND became a sustainable process?

We needed a LinkedIn Sales Tool that;
1. Had been built by ‘sales people’ who KNOW business-to-business sales
2. Was constructed using LinkedIn compliant functionality (not supporting illegal connection requests)
3. Provides our team with what, how, and why we do it steps
4. Allows us to keep building on top of this to create another EFFECTIVE lead channel.

Did you JUST say this?
“Why can’t I just connect to people myself on LinkedIn?”

Of course, you can, BUT this program provides you with a structured and well-designed (proven) program that tells you what to do, when to do it, and also GIVES YOU the templates so you can do it well…
(And of course, you don’t have to pay companies $2,000 for a program)

The rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program bundles a bunch of tools, templates, and also a step-by-step manual which turns a task, into a process that that produces AMAZING RESULTS!

This program is a sure-fire way for you to get in front of my business professionals (prospects) and book more ‘qualified’ appointments. (and STOP random connections and terrible intro messages)

HOW MUCH did you say? (Like a sleek infomercial)
rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program is just $395 +GST (Once off cost)

I'm extremely proud of this program, and have personally spent a lot of time making sure it's both practical and also effective. I really hope you love it.... - Robert Durrant, 'the boss'

How does the program work?
Almost immediately the modules within this program position you as an authoritative subject matter expert. This program will ensure that when you’re connecting with people, and as your network grows, they see you as someone with respect and holds experience. This same principle also works for people who naturally find you when they are searching for your products and services.

This program then helps you to prepare, search, engage and convert appointments into paying clients. The system is simple to operate, BUT does take some time and dedication (30-45mins per day min). We make it easy by providing the steps and toolkit that allow you to ‘go-to-market’ quickly and reduce the time needed to ‘manage the system.’

This program WILL stop!
• Ad-hoc connection searches and the terrible messages and invites being sent to LinkedIn contacts.
• Irrelevant and slapped together articles that get posting on LinkedIn (They just look sooo bad!)
• Broad-based advertising strategies that cost a lot, and do nothing more than creating a bunch of noise that takes time and effort to follow up and qualify
• The inconsistency and bad behaviours of your sales team who represent your company brand.

This program WILL create!
• A strategic and well-designed LinkedIn business-to-business sales program tailored to your company, products, services, AND target market (Buyer)
• Your business process to ensure all people within your organisation follow a consistent, professional, and PROVEN process for prospecting on LinkedIn
• Opportunity to take advantage of some REALLY COOL features of LinkedIn that many don’t use (or even know about?)
• An interesting, exciting, and also engaging program for new leads, prospects, and even existing customers (account management and branding opportunities)
• CONTENT and be able to re-use this across many platforms e.g. website, blogs
• Focused and targeted marketing program will ensure that you generate QUALITY leads (traffic). Sales team can spend time engaging people who are interested and have a need to buy.

This program is the BEST way for your company to get in front of more business professionals (prospects) and book more "qualified" appointments.

OUR COMPLETE rev™ LinkedIn Business Development Program costs just $395 +GST (Normally $699)
(Once-off purchase price).

You will recieve:
• Our 30-page .pdf guide showing you how to use LinkedIn the RIGHT way
• LinkedIn Connection Message Templates
• LinkedIn Engagement Message Templates
• LinkedIn Group Engagement Message Templates
• Project Planner and General Training/HR Administration tools and checklists.

Robert Durrant

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