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The BEST and ONLY Way To Use AdWords, Facebook and Twitter Advertising


The BEST and ONLY Way To Use AdWords, Facebook and Twitter Advertising

24-min Webinar: where you will learn the secrets to The BEST and ONLY Way To Use Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter Advertising as part of your Digital Marketing Program.

For over 12-months, our company was spending a lot of money on Google AdWords and also Facebook Advertising. We received heaps of clicks, as well as a pretty hefty AMEX bill at the end of the month. Our efforts and planning within Pay-Per-Click (PPC) combined with the right Google Keywords and Phrases was certainly doing its job.

The UNFORTUNATE part is that out of all the clicks we received; NONE of them converted to an enquiry.
(Yes, we also checked if the phones were working).

Initially, we all thought "this is a great start, at least, we know that the Adverts are working". We also didn't mind paying for the service (we only have a small sales team), so we were quite happy to direct funds into a "digital salesperson". But, over time, and after thousands of dollars were being billed to our credit card, the enquiries were still zero, and we all began to look at each other.
*Awkward silence.

Earlier this year, Robert Durrant (Our resident digital marketing evangelist) attended the Digital Marketer Conference in Sydney. It was this forum where the penny finally dropped on how all of this fits together!

It WASN'T that we had bad adverts. It WASN'T that the landing pages or content was wrong. Our problem was no strategic plan and process on how these hook into 'an end-to-end digital program'. We just stuck adverts on the web thinking online advertising was right?

At this event, we adopted a saying 'you need to have around seven dates before you can get married'. In the digital marketing space, it simply means that people need to get to know you and your business before they will trust you enough to hand over a fistful of dollars (It wasn't about just placing adverts).

EVERY company wastes bucket-loads of money on the web and social media advertising, by not understanding how this form of advertising forms PART of an overall Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Program. - Robert Durrant, Digital Marketing Evangelist

This webinar shares our AMAZING strategy on how to best use Google AdWords, Facebook & Twitter Advertising;
• How Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook & Twitter Adverts should link to your digital marketing strategy
• Tips on how to design the BEST swipecards for these digital advertising formats
• Tools that can help you choose EFFECTIVE headlines, keywords, grammar to gain the most from your campaigns
• Project planning tools to ensure you have all the parts connected.

*WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to consider this Webinar. We have some incredible tips and tricks to share with you, so you DO NOT make the same mistakes (we learnt the hard way).

For an investment of just $9 (plus 24-minutes of your time) we will show you the REAL reason people use these types of Adverts, and HOW you make them effective for YOUR business.

Robert Durrant

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