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Digital Marketing turns events into interactive and engaging experiences


Digital Marketing turns events into interactive and engaging experiences

Which events or conferences did you choose for this year? Have you considered using Digital Marketing in your event plans, turning a dull and dreary ‘stand / brochure / banner’ display into an ‘interactive & engaging digital experience’ for delegates?

To create a successful event, that attracts QUALITY LEADS (not just noise), you need to combine what happens on the day into a series of marketing elements that occur before and after the event.

Companies need to STOP running free iPad competitions, thinking that these delegate registrations are actually event leads? They are just a bunch of names which are not even interested in what you have to offer - except the free iPad!

Focus your strategy, tailor your campaign to engage leads that are genuinely interested in your offer, it’s these that your sales team need to spend time to engage (genuine event prospects).

Connect your message, brand, and also event offer to your prospects BEFORE the event, DURING the event and POST the event? Need to develop a KILLER SALES & EVENT STRATEGY [Learn More]

We know this stuff, because we have managed countless events…

We’ve have seen companies spend a bucket-load of coin on an exhibition sponsorship, and deliver the same ordinary and uninspiring event program that would even drive even the insects in the room to sleep.

If this sounds like you, then you seriously have to STOP doing it the old way, and step it up!

Download your FREE copy of the rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner
We have packed up into an Event Planner all the information about how to do it, PLUS some templates and checklists.

DID YOU KNOW that Digital Marketing tools now allow you to create excitement and interaction that initiate conversations with delegates (potential leads) at the event?

Wowie! that you can even target people (companies) who have been researching the event online, and engage with these BEFORE they have even go the event? Imagine people coming to the event already knowing about your company?

IMAGINE being able to post content about your offer onto delegates Facebook news feeds or when they open Google?

WHAT ABOUT promoting your event sponsorship and sales message ‘digitally’ to your existing prospect list, without sending them a single email?

This stuff is REALLY COOL!
If you’re not doing this NOW, then your competitors will be VERY SOON.

*It’s so cool, that we want to GIVE YOU our rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner to use for your next event (its free).
Read down further for the download link if this yanks your chain (even just a bit)…

Move your marketing from a dull and dreary ‘stand / brochure / banner’ display to an ‘interactive & engaging experience’ connecting your message, brand, and sales offer to prospects BEFORE the event, DURING the event and POST the event? - Robert Durrant, rev™

How do you make all of this happen?

We’ve put together our rev™ Plan Nonpareil Event Planner which bundles a bunch of tools and guidance options from us which will turn your event into something AMAZING!
(check the program deliverables at the bottom and compare these to what you achieved from your last event)

It’s a great FREE tool that gets emailed right to your inbox.

What’s packaged in the rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner?

Design and Planning:
• Planning the sales & marketing strategy for the event
• Super Event Planner
• Building the sales message and offer/promotion
• Defining the target audience
• Building timeframes
• Budgets
• Resourcing (logistics)

Event Operations:
• Sponsorships opportunities
• Exhibition planning and designs
• Event campaigns (Pre, During, & Post)
• Onstand activities (incl. sales qualification & elevator pitch training)
• Resource training and preparation
• Displays, brochures, signage

Marketing and Communications:
• Communications plans
• Branding and advertising campaigns
• Public relations and media programs

Digital Engagement:
• Lead, Prospect, Customer, Partner engagement programs
• Google & Bing targeting campaigns
• Social media campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
• SEO; newsletters, media release, blogs, event articles
• Keyword and online search targeting; your brands, segment, competitors
• During event LIVE engagement program #Hashtag promotions

Post event:
• Lead qualification programs
• Sales engagement programs
• Sales team qualification & engagement training
• Sales pipeline management
• Event review and summary

How do you use the rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner?

rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner: we have built a 8-page guide that steps you through all the things that you need to be aware of when beginning an event sponsorship, exhibition or seminar.

We are happy to give you this piece for FREE, as it's ESSENTIAL to building something that’s going to PACK SOME PUNCH!.
Download the rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner (CLICK HERE]

Do you need us to help plan your event for you?

Our Event Strategy Service is a fee-for-service collaboration workshop where we help you to plan and execute your event. We know that you don’t have time for meetings and discussions, so our team will be available throughout the planning, event execution, as well as the follow-up lead engagement after the event.

We also like to contribute to your event review and summary meeting to note the things you can improve upon for your next event (you now have the knowledge and tools to do them yourself). We do this onsite or remote via WebEx.

Event Strategy Service Deliverables:

1. Build a strategic and well-designed event plan that communicates the right message to the right audience

2. Ensure you have a comprehensive program in place that covers all aspects from pre, during and post activities. Be a step ahead of what others companies are doing

3. Create an interesting, exciting and also engaging program for new leads, prospects, customers, and partners, not just a stand full of marketing jargon and meaningless pictures

4. Access advanced digital marketing and social media techniques that go far beyond just ‘online advertising & PR’

5. Create a focused and targeted marketing program to ensure that QUALITY leads (traffic) is generated. Sales team can spend time engaging people who are interested and have a need to buy

6. A controlled post event campaign to reinforce brand and message, as well engage and qualify your leads

7. Provide analysis tools to measure the effectiveness of the event.

Download your FREE copy of the rev™ Nonpareil Event Planner. We will also provide you with a selected range of free templates and checklists to ensure that you are on the right path to making your next event, conference, seminar or exhibition PACK SOME REAL PUNCH!

Need more information or wish to book in for our rev™ Nonpareil Event Program?
Please contact us at or call +61 3 9863-7444.

Robert Durrant

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