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We are Evangelists in Digital Transformation
and Digital Customer Experiences.

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rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration

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Today’s shoppers’ are constantly connected to digital channels to search, research and make purchases.

Digital channels allow brand owners to connect and interact with their shoppers in many and varied ways.
The collision of content and commerce has opened up new and exciting ways to acquire, engage, convert, and retain shoppers. Optimised digital experiences and personalised marketing content across multiple channels has now become crucial to business success.

With more companies starting their digital transformation, rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration
are there to show you how to correctly plan and invest in the development of their digital customer experience.

rev™ is a digital transformation agency who helps companies to grow using digital customer journeys and experiences. We help them implement a fully integrated hyper-targeted digital channel marketing program which incorporates Omni-Channel Commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Assisted Technologies to build contextual shopper insights.

Our business development, sales engagements, and sales coaching and mentoring programs will empower you to engage, qualify, and convert new business into a healthy and sustainable sales pipeline.

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration operate across Australia, New Zealand and North America. Our customers include hi-tech, franchise & retail groups, trade & service, hospitality, and we proudly boast 70 of the top 100 global CPG and FMCG companies.

rev™ are consulting experts who formulate and implement programs that ultimately change the way you market and sell.
rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Programs revitalise and reinvigorate your marketing and sales programs by combining mentoring and coaching services to deliver business strategy & tactics, digital channel marketing, and automated sales engagement campaigns. These campaigns turn audiences into customers by taking them through a controlled engagement, qualification and conversion process.

rev™ has built the business by nurturing relationships with clients through professionalism, trust, and also being passionate about their results. You can rely on rev™ to listen as well as act, to push constantly against the ordinary to produce extraordinary results that are state of the art. rev™ cares about whom you are, and what you and your company stands for. Their team immerse themselves in your company’s culture and analyse your competitors to benchmark your service delivery offer to create 'best practice'.

Robert Durrant Mentoring, Coaching and Personal Development Hub:
As part of our 'give-back' initiative for community development, Managing Director Mr Robert Durrant formed a Mentoring and Coaching Hub. Aspiring people can participate within the mentor hub to allow them to grow professionally and personally. It allows them to develop as individuals but more importantly be under the direct instruction of Robert Durrant gaining direct access to real-life work experience and knowledge. This program allows individuals to take part in c-level sales presentations, board meetings, social and industry events, public relations opportunities including TV and media.

More information? visit (Robert Durrant Mentoring, Coaching, and Personal Development Hub)

Robert Durrant; Semi-famous entrepreneur, philanthropist, and commonly referred to as an ‘extravert on crack’.

Robert is an expert in taking products from the ideas stage through to “go to market” with a clear and compelling proposition for buyers.

Since 2000, Robert has grown Retail E-vironment Pty Ltd (rev™) as a service based operation providing strategic management, marketing, and sales services to businesses in the high-tech, retail, trade, and consumer packaged goods sectors of Australia and New Zealand. He is based in Melbourne and is constantly on the move, performing oversight and advisory roles for client companies with whom he and the team have formed close working relationships.

Owning and operating a group of companies in Queensland, he moved to Melbourne in 1998 where he initially held management roles for major technology companies General Electric and IRI. His past roles have included board level activities for the Qld Chamber of Commerce & Industry, University of Qld, AIMM, to name a few. Robert has a strong public speaking and media background, often hosting segments at corporate functions and on local business, tourism and sports shows such as Channel Nine and other television networks local and also global (Fox, NBC & Sky).

Robert holds a degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Queensland. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Management, is a Six Sigma black belt, and is accredited in the GS1 EAN-UCC system. Robert’s passion for digital marketing has seen him acquire a high, 70+ Klout score and holds a significant social media influence. He uses this to engage in affiliate marketing activities new and established companies.

Robert is a huge sports fan who supports Hawthorn Football Club (AFL), Box Hill Hawks (VFL), Norwood Football Club (SANFL), and the Hawthorn Cricket Club. His commitment extends to volunteering time and knowledge for club marketing and administration, as well as for player mentoring. Providing community assistance is one of the fundamentals for Robert, and he is a keen supporter of non-profit entities such as Streets Swag, St Hilary’s, Beyond Blue and also Headspace.

Robert has also initiated a coaching and mentoring program for young people, part of the overall “give back” values he upholds.

Twitter: @Rob2563 or @retaile-v
Facebook: RobertBrianDurrant
Google+: Robert Durrant

Robert Durrant spent over 20-years owning and managing a group of companies that today cover territories across Australia and New Zealand.
Robert is an expert in taking products from the ideas stage through to “go to market” with a clear and compelling proposition for buyers. Since 2000, Robert has grown the rev™ company as a service based operation providing strategic management, marketing, and sales services to businesses in the high-tech, retail, trade, and consumer packaged goods sectors of Australia and New Zealand. He is an energetic and highly accomplished business strategist, marketer and sales person and is accredited and highly skilled within digital marketing and social media management.

Harvey McKinnon understands that a businesses of today needs to be online. Harvey has an experts grasp of the current digital channel marketing tools and strategies and has led integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution.
Working with our solution providers, Harvey formulates the strategy to support this customer's project, and trains team members on how to maintain and market content. Harvey is accredited and has accomplished numerous successful campaigns for our customers.

Peter Rutherford has more than 30 years practical experience in senior national buying, merchandise management, sales and marketing roles in Australia and also internationally.
He has lectured in Retail Buying and Marketing at the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash University and has written material for David Syme Business School M.B.A. and company training programs. He has written several Category and Sales Management & Training packages for retailers and their suppliers about how to deal with changes in the business operations, and sales and marketing.

Peter has helped companies within a B2B environment and also B2C environment adapt to consumer driven changes to their business, market segments and buying habits. A qualified trainer, content author, industry expert allows him to facilitate change within organisation and its employees.

Peter Cookhas a vast amount of experience across the retail packaged goods industry. Peter has worked for leading brand manufacturers and suppliers such as the Mars Group, SCA Hygiene, and Lion.

Peter brings expertise in the areas of product, brand and retail category management principles, the necessary tools required to formulate process improvement for New Product Development (NPD) and New Product Introduction (NPI) processes. He has an IT background within areas of ERP Management and Financials, Business Intelligence (BI), Merchandise Management, Procurement, and Store / Shelf Management working for companies such as Metiri Mensus (IRI). Peter is the guy we throw in with our technology partners to ensure the right IT solutions are implemented for your project.

Camleads our customers through the creative design and digital process. Cam's has vast experience in graphic design and digital output, utilising professional software packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and also PageMaker.
Its his team that review our clients sales and marketing strategy and builds artistic creations for websites, brochures, e-catalogues for online shopping stores. His skills as a professional photographer enable a full and seamless process for creating that unique and tailored solution for your company. Ensuring your digital content can be created and shared in a number of formats across the Internet (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Gary Parkin is our North American nerd and specialist in all "technical" things in areas such as Social media, Digital marketing, Website development, Email marketing engines, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, through to back-end database integration with SQL, Oracle as well as simple MS Access. Gary has been working with our USA based partners and solution vendors to ensure the tools we recommend are not only best in class; they are also fit for purpose.
Working for some of Australia's leading brand companies and software firms, he has been involved in leading-edge solutions used today by major retail chains.
Gary excels in the retail environment and in particular small to medium size businesses. (Cell +1 702 332 5937)