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A portfolio of tailored business solutions.
rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration.

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Strategy Training

rev™ Business Strategy Workshop

rev™ Business Strategy Workshops are hands-on strategy and tactical workshops which cover specific areas of the business such as operations, digital marketing & branding, sales engagements, and distribution. Workshops are conducted in blocks of 6-8 hour periods, and are held on or offsite. Workshops are suited to senior staff who contribute to the strategic direction of the business.

Workshop covers:
• How to create a vision and mission statement
• Building your brand strategy
• Building your strategic objectives
• Creating your sales offer
• Understanding your customer
• Competitor analysis (SWOT)
• Planning your sales and distribution model
• Building your Digital Marketing program
• Sales strategy and planning
• Alliance and network partners
• Budgets and forecasts
• Growth strategies.

Investment: $1,495 +GST
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rev™ Sales Strategy & Tactics Workshop

rev™ Sales Strategy & Tactics Workshops are designed as a buyer focused lead generation “tactical session”. These workshops focus on the strategy and go-to-market program to support Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).
Workshop are run in 6-hour blocks and are focused towards senior marketing and sales staff.

Workshop covers:
• Building your business objectives
• Defining your target market
• Defining your sales offer and price position
• Understanding your strategic sales position
• How to align marketing objectives with sales objectives
• Building a lead generation campaign strategy
• How to build a sales engagement, qualification, and nurturing program.

Investment: $995 +GST
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rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator Program

rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator Programs focus on the go-to-market elements of new businesses. We look at the brand, message, audience, sales offer, marketing, sales process, operations, and also your expansion plan.
We provide business coaching and mentoring as part of this service.
This program is designed for small or start-up business managers or entrepreneurs.

Program covers:
• Validation of your business model and sales offer
• Definition of your target market and customers (the buyer)
• Competitor analysis and SWOT
• Defining your value proposition and problems that you solve
• Strategic sales and marketing planning
• Growth strategy and funding options
• Go-to-Market programs
• Business coaching and mentoring.

Investment: $3,500 +GST

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rev™ S&M

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration are a specialist Business Growth Agency.
We work within Hi-Tech, Retail, Trade Services, Hospitality, FMCG, and CPG to increase sales and grow their business.
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