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Start-Up Business Success


Start-Up Business Success

No growth hack, brilliant marketing, or sales plan can save a bad business idea. Having experts within Legal, Finance, Sales, Marketing plus a GREAT Business Mentor will find yourself in a confident, business-ready position with an AMAZING go-to-market offer.

Whenever you hear the word 'start-up' used in business, people immediately think of a bunch of twenty-something year old tech-heads, getting together each day in someone’s garage or nearby café. They also think, no funding, no customers, overly enthusiastic, and of course, high-risk. Are they wrong?

Here at rev™ Start-Up, we see opportunity, passion, creativity, BUT more importantly, we see the dedication and focus to make something that will enrich people’s lives (and make some cash along the way).
Start-ups literally live and die by their ability to acquire new customers. This fact is important not only for their business revenue, but to also attract investor funding. The secret to this is strategy and planning!

Start-ups often fail because they simply don’t recognise the importance of product / market fit. Even with a perfect product / market fit, scaling their growth is always hard going. Start-ups are under extreme resource and financial constraints, and they battle numerous other small businesses to promote their offer to a target market. How does a start-up get the chance to explain to prospects that they have a NEW and superior solution to solve their problem?

7 Key Tips to rev™ Start-Up Success;
1. Do your market research
2. Have some funding options
3. Build a strategic business, sales and marketing plan
4. Get your legals sorted
5. Understand your financial plan early
6. Get your business structure in order
7. Finalise your business name and any patents and licensing.
Speak to us. It’s not all stress and hard work…

For a bunch of helpful articles and business tools head to our Resource Library.

rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator Program!

rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator Programs build your sales and marketing execution plan. For any new business, before you even contemplate any marketing or sales, its essential that you have a clear understanding of what it is you are selling (your offer), the market you are selling into (your buyers), and then how you should engage this audience, BEFORE you spend a bucket load of cash on marketing/advertising.

We work with start-up and small businesses to create a go-to-market program focusing on marketing and sales strategies and tactics. We combine our rev™ Coaching & Mentoring services into our program to ensure that you’re supported by subject matter experts for each step along the way.

rev™ Start-Up Business Accelerator provides;
• Validation of your business model and sales offer
• Definition of your target market and customers (the buyer)
• Competitor analysis and SWOT
• Defining your value proposition and problems that you solve
• Strategic sales and marketing planning
• Growth strategy and funding options
• Go-to-Market programs
• Business coaching and mentoring.

rev™ Start Up Business Accelerator Programs are great value at just $3,500 +GST.
Program deliverables include onsite workshops, research, planning, as well as a documented business sales and marketing program.

Robert Durrant

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