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Sporting Club and Player Marketing


Sporting Club and Player Marketing

Social Media & Digital Marketing now provides sports clubs, players, and sports associations a VERY powerful way to communicate with their players, supporters, and also fans. Digital Marketing now provides an effective mechanism to boost membership, fundraising and sponsorship activities.

Sponsors (brand owners/marketers) endorse sporting clubs and players to ultimately gain access to their audience to promote their products and services. Social Media provides a VERY powerful brand marketing opportunity that can scale easily and at very low cost.

Sports clubs and associations can also use this platform to grow their members, sell merchandise, grow sponsors and create well attended events.

"Sports fans that see a brand message or endorsement on social media platforms are 78% more likely to hold that positive perception (brand trust and integrity)."

Over the past 3-5 years, I’ve personally been involved in helping sports clubs, players, and fitness groups (community and also professional levels) to help them improve the way they use digital media tools to BOOST their marketing and communications.

Over this time I've seen the challenges faced to retain members, build a culture, and creating a sustainable revenue model.

The goals of any sporting network:
(1) Grow your 'paid' membership subscriptions
(2) Sell more merchandise
(3) Host 'well-attended' events
(4) Attract sponsors and investment opportunities.

With MORE than 3.9 million people holding memberships at a sports clubs in just Victoria!
How do you ensure that your marketing and communication is EFFECTIVE to support your existing members and grow the club for the future?

What is the Next Step?

rev™ Branding provide a range of marketing, communication, and sports culture advisory services specifically for sports clubs, sports associations, and fitness groups.

Building a Sports Club Culture
Its a fundamental task for the sports industry is to ensure they create a 'culture'.
DOWNLOAD our free whitepaper explaining how to Build and Maintain a Sports Club Culture.

Boost your Sports Club Marketing
rev™ Branding has put together a fantastic sports marketing program that is packed FULL of value!
Learn how to get your sports club or association marketing off the ground quickly with our $995 +gst kick-start promotion (save 50% of the normal price of $1,995).

Need some advice?

We understand that its difficult to run a sports club or association with volunteers.
Trying to find some who has the time and skills can sometimes be impossible.

Ask us how we can provide a mentoring service for your key personal OR offer an outsourcing program where we take the task off your hands completley.

Do you use LinkedIn?
Why don't you join our LinkedIn sports club and player marketing group and take advantage of a terrific business networking community. [CLICK HERE] to join the LinkedIn Sporting Club and Player Marketing Group.

Robert Durrant
rev™ Branding CEO

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