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Sales Training

rev™ Create a Killer Sales Plan Workshop

rev™ Create a Killer Sales Plan Workshop are a 6-hour onsite workshop designed to plan a 12-months sales (and marketing) strategy. Before you spend more money on marketing and events, get a sales plan in place first! Our sales planning workshops are suited to Sales, Business Development, Account Management, and Marketing teams.

Workshop covers:
• Building your business objectives
• Defining your target market
• Defining your sales offer and price point
• Understanding your strategic sales position
• How to align marketing campaigns with sales objectives
• Building a lead generation campaign strategy
• How to build a sales process and framework
• How to build sales engagement, qualification, and nurturing programs.

Investment: $895 +GST

rev™ Sales Fundamentals Training

Need some training to improve the way you engage, qualify, and nurture your sales leads?
rev™ Sales Fundamentals is 4-hour training program for front-of-house sales staff who wish to improve their sales engagement and qualification process. Our proven sales framework and process steps will build a quality and sustainable sales pipeline.

Program covers:
• Getting started in sales
• Being sales prepared with sales toolkits
• Understanding sales techniques
• Sales processes
• Sales qualification
• Prospect nurturing
• Objection handling
• Closing the sale
• Sales pipeline management.

Investment: $795 +GST Per Person
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rev™ Business Development Acceleration Program

Are you a competent salesperson? Then you will LOVE this program!
Our rev™ Business Development Acceleration Program is a 6-hour program designed to leverage your existing sales skills.
This program will also introduce you to the latest techniques being used for business development, lead generation, sales engagement, sales qualification, and prospect nurturing.

Program covers:
• Building sales strategies and tactics
• Building sales toolkits
• Building sales teams
• Defining sales processes and frameworks
• Advanced sales qualification
• Building automated sales programs
• Up / Down / Cross selling
• Objection handling and negotiations
• Closing the sale
• Sales pipeline management.

Investment: $995 +GST Per Person
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rev™ Building Digital Sales Funnels

Learn how to build an automated lead generation sales funnel for your digital marketing campaign!.
This 6-hour workshop will show you how to plan and implement a "sales funnel" for your digital marketing campaigns. Learn the flows between audience creation, traffic, conversions and monetisation via email workflows The detailed content in this workshop is best suited to competent marketers who have a good understanding of social media and digital marketing.

Workshop covers:
• Mapping your campaign (Your offer, the audience, chosen platforms, automation etc)
• Understanding content marketing to build audiences and traffic
• Constructing your campaign and adverts (Images, content, format, destination, action)
• Using squeeze or landing pages
• Building conversions tools and offers
• Using digital pixel tracking and remarketing techniques
• How to integrate leads to your CRM and email automation tools
• Using email workflow automation to nurture your database
• Creating sales engagement programs
• Review of new digital marketing software tools available.

Investment: $995 +GST Per Person
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rev™ Sales Presentations and Demonstrations

Sales presentations make or break the sale.
During our 4-hour rev™ Sales Presentations and Sales Coaching Program, we will show you how to prepare, create, and deliver the BEST presentations and product demonstrations. Learn the art (confidence) to sell to an audience, and then asking them for the sale at the end.

Program covers:
• Planning for your presentation
• Booking the presentation with reminder
• Understand the audience
• Building sales presentations
• Building product demonstrations
• Delivering your presentation
• How to close and ask for the money!

Investment: $795 +GST Per Person
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rev™ Sales Coaching & Mentoring Workshop

Want to leverage your business sales pipeline?
rev™ Sales Coaching and Mentoring Workshops are corporate team coaching and mentoring programs which review, educate, encourage, and improve the business sales process and results of the sales team. Workshops are held onsite with your Sales, Business Development, and Account Management teams.

Workshop covers:
• Review your existing process to understand the areas that need improvement
• Build a set of goals / objectives and timelines for your team
• Provide a set of recommendations on how to create significant improvements quickly
• Build the framework for an ongoing Sales Coaching and Mentoring Program.

Investment: $895 +GST

rev™ Mentor & Coaching Program

Want to help to expand your marketing and sales skills and really achieve targets?
rev™ Mentor & Coaching Program is designed to inspire and enable current and emerging marketing and sales leaders to perform at their best and achieve business goals. Our mentoring & coaching programs strengthen capabilities, accelerate learning and empower talent and grow skills.

Program covers:
• Monthly Meet (x1)
• Personal Development and Branding
• Planning, Process, and Structure
• Goals, KPIs and Milestone Development
• Skill development (e.g. Public speaking, Presenting, Sales, Business Development, Marketing)
• Access to our business mentor community group (Facebook and LinkedIn)
• Access to business mentor guides, templates, and how-to programs
• Access to business mentor workshops and webinars.

Investment Per Person
3-month package $495 +GST
12-month package $1,895 +GST (Inc. 12 monthly meetings PLUS unlimited support services)
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rev™ Business Growth Mentoring Program

Have an established business and need help to grow it?
Our rev™ Business Growth Mentoring Program gives you the BEST access to "unlimited business advice" with a dedicated mentor for 12-months. We've bundled all the services within rev™ Entrepreneur Development & Mentor Program PLUS we added unlimited access to your Mentor. This means that we both work side-by-side, and turn your vision into something AMAZING!

Program covers:
• Personal Development – getting the mind right first!
• Validation of your business, marketing and sales models
• Defining your target market (customers)
• Understanding the market and your competitors
• Defining your value proposition and problems that you solve
• Strategic sales and marketing planning
• Growth strategy and funding options
• Go-to-Market marketing and sales programs
• Support through business coaching and mentoring.
• 15 (not 12) meetings (on demand)
• Unlimited mentor support via phone and email
• Access to our business mentor community group (Facebook and LinkedIn)
• Access to business mentor guides, templates, and how-to programs
• Access to business mentor workshops and webinars.

Investment: $4,995 +GST Per Person (Annual fee)
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rev™ Brand Marketing

rev™ Brand Development & Marketing are a specialist marketing and sales agency.
We work within Hi-Tech, Retail, Trade Services, Hospitality, FMCG, and CPG to increase sales and grow their business.