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Sales Pipeline Management


Sales Pipeline Management

Managing a sales pipeline for small businesses with small sales teams BUT with big ambitions!
There is no “magic wand” when it comes to managing a sales process and how to close a sale. If there was, we would all be very wealthy people or broke from spending too much….

Many small businesses disregard just how important it is to track current, future, AND past sales opportunities to really understand the growth opportunity of their business.

Great sales companies (regardless of size) have a strong focus on the following key areas;
• Sales team expertise and skills [Learn More]
• Sales process and framework [Download Framework Here]
• Sales lead qualification and nurturing process [Download Qualification Process Here]
• Sales pipeline tracking and management (Tools like Pipedrive)

For any sales focused company, the simple fact is the better you are at managing your sales pipeline, the more likely you are to increase revenue, expand your customers, and ultimately grow your business.

If it was this simple, wouldn’t everyone already be doing it?

Well, the challenge for many small businesses is finding the time to manage their sales administration e.g. tracking, reporting, and actioning. Traditionally, the sales tools available were positioned towards big business with sales admin staff and were expensive and complex to use.

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration, a leader in small business growth programs have teamed up with Pipedrive.

Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small businesses master the selling process. It works especially well in cases where the sales cycle is long and many people are involved.

Pipedrive is a fully configurable system that allows you to track open sales opportunities as they move through your sales process. Pipedrive clients who are using rev™ Sales Engagement Programs, they have the distinct advantage of their Pipedrive CRM tool being pre-configured with our unique rev™ sales process methodology.

Pipedrive will BOOST your sales results with;
• Fast and efficient sales pipeline management
• Maintaining total sales pipeline visibility
• Optimising your sales process
• Tracking every deal, regardless of its size
• Accessing your information everywhere (Desktop, iOS or Android)
• Secure integration with your existing business systems.

Manage your pipeline more efficiently and effectively.
See sales issues within each stage of your sales pipeline BEFORE they become a real road block (or worse!).

Take better control of your sales process, sales team, and your sales revenue.
Speak to our team about using Pipedrive in conjunction with the rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Programs to leverage your sales results.

These programs will help you to;
1. Build a digital marketing sales program
2. Generate online traffic and sales conversions
3. Create a lead management workflow process
4. Coach and mentor your sales team.

Give us a call on +61 3 9863 7444 to discuss how these will work with your type of business.

Interested in a free trial of Pipedrive?
As a Pipedrive Partner Affiliate, we can provide you with an EXTENDED software trial period and support service.
Register on the link below and use ca-rev as the promotional code.

*Pipedrive software and the Pipedrive brand are owned by Pipedrive Inc.

Our rev™ Sales Development Program help you to develop a structured sales process, sales toolkits, and provide your team with sales training, sales coaching and sales mentoring. Learn More Here

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