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QuickStart Digital Marketing Workshops


QuickStart Digital Marketing Workshops

rev™ Digital Marketing Workshop is your Digital Bootcamp on how to plan, design, and implement a strategic and very effective Digital Marketing Program. Make sure you BOOK your place!

This program will cover the ESSENTIAL elements that are needed to plan and implement an AMAZING Digital Marketing program.

We use the very latest digital marketing techniques to build your digital business strategy. It's these same tools that we use ourselves, and also for our customers. Whether you’re an experienced digital pro, or if you’re brand new to the digital marketing age, our 4-hour rev™ Digital Marketing Workshop focuses on the technology, techniques, and the process - it's a practical, hands-on learning session (and it's not boring - trust me).

Within 4-hours, we’ll show you how to build and implement a comprehensive and strategic Digital and Social Media Program that will achieve some incredible results...

We will also introduce you to the various solution providers surrounding digital marketing.
These automate your entire program, turning it into a digital sales workflow program that will continue to remarket to your customers 24-hours a day, 12-months a year.
*Disclaimer, people will probably want to buy something from you.

This Bootcamp will save you time and money, PLUS it will gain results much faster.
• Tools that allow you to plan and map-out your program in greater detail and accuracy
• Tips and tricks to efficiently and effectively implement a Digital Marketing Program
• Technology partners who bring a great plan into an effective, automated workflow process
• Resources to help project manage and continue your education beyond the workshop
• 4-Hour Bootcamp, including all materials and handouts, is only $695 + GST.

Don’t waste your time struggling to read ALL them documents, and trying to understand the in's and out's of Digital and Social Media Marketing. If you continue to get less than average results, then you need to STOP and do something about it NOW.

EVERY company wastes bucket-loads of money on social media advertising by not understanding how it all fits together. There is a BIG difference between 'online advertising' and Digital Marketing. If you DO NOT understand this, then stop and ask us!. - Robert Durrant, Digital Marketing Evangelist


Book your Digital Marketing Bootcamp

rev™ Digital Marketing Workshops is a focused 4-hour hands-on and practical program. Held in our training rooms, these sessions are designed to elevate your digital skills very quickly.

1. Show you how to plan an effective and responsive digital marketing program
2. Provide you with the steps and tools that allow you to implement your digital marketing program
3. We show you the technology options that help you to build automated digital sales funnels
4. How to apply automation workflow to lead generation programs 4. Help you to plan resources, budgets and timeframes.

rev™ Digital Marketing Workshops are great value at just $695 +GST pp.

For more information, please contact us on +61 3 9863 7444 or

Robert Durrant

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