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rev Digital Marketing How To Guide


rev Digital Marketing How To Guide

rev™ Digital Marketing How-To Guide We have created a set of three easy to read guides which are COMPLETELY FREE and come with NO OBLIGATIONS. These guides contain amazing information that will help you to design a digital marketing program.

There is so much GREAT information about Digital Marketing available online. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all have the information packed documents that tell you all about marketing online.

The issue is not the amount nor quality of the information; it’s the context that it’s been written. For anyone who is embarking on their digital marketing journey, they are often left overwhelmed by the amount of data, and struggle to understand where to begin?

Digital Marketing is not hard, BUT it is complex.

The most common challenge we see is that most people race into their projects without completing the basics. The result is wasted time, wasted money, and pretty average results. They are also left feeling disheartened about the whole project thinking “it doesn’t work.”

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There is a fair bit of history!

The Internet from the early 1990’s was a platform called Web 1.0. In mid to late 1990’s, we saw Google enter the market and begin to make some significant impacts with the birth of SEO as well as some savvy internet marketers. By the years 2000 to 2004, social media platforms began to appear e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. From here, web technology exploded and by the end of 2004, online advertising revenue in the US peaked at $2.9 Billion!

The message here is simply that digital marketing technology continues to move at a rapid pace. For the average business owner, technology manager, marketer, or sales manager, the ability to understand digital marketing, let alone be a subject matter expert in this field has become a full-time occupation to abreast of the changes.

Digital marketing agencies who specialise in these areas are here to help you…

Digital Marketing Is Important, Why?

Digital media allows shoppers access to information anytime and anyplace they choose using devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Digital marketing and media is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction, and consumers are now exposed not just to what your company says about your brand, but also what the media, friends, your relatives, or peers also say.

Your potential buyers are more likely to believe the words of online consumers than your own. People want brands they can trust, companies that know them and care, communications that are personalised and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences. Welcome to the age of digital marketing…

Digital marketing can track what people view, what they click, and what they go back and re-view. This information is extremely valuable and can be used to enhance and personalise your marketing to buyers.

GONE are the days where sales staff spent days researching and cold calling. Google and Facebook, the largest platforms in the world already know everything about your prospects. Within mouse-clicks, you can tailor and publish sales messages direct to their news feeds to be read on their smartphones.

How does a company begin their Digital Marketing journey?

We believe that every company MUST be participating within some form of Digital Marketing. If you don’t, your competitors are already!

To assist you in your digital marketing journey, we have created a set of three easy to read guides which are COMPLETELY FREE and come with NO OBLIGATIONS. These guides contain some amazing information that will help you to design a digital marketing program yourself (or with our help if you choose).

Please be assured that they do provide you all the elements that you should be aware of as part of your digital program. We obviously they don’t go into the detail of “how to do it” and if you want that level of detail, you will need to pay us for help (we are a business).

As everyone comes into the process with varying stages of knowledge around digital marketing, we have broken this into sections that will take you from zero to hero!

• Digital Marketing How-To (Guide 1): Digital Marketing How to Guide that teaches you what Digital Marketing is, how effective it can be for lead generation, brand awareness, and products sales. (This Download Page)

• 10 Step Brand Strategy (Guide 2): The MOST critical part of the journey. Designed to help you plan and prepare your project to ensure that it remains focused to achieve your goals and objectives. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 2]

• 10 Step Process to Digital Marketing (Guide 3): In this document, we deal with the technical, infrastructure and content pieces that you will need to implement your digital marketing program. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 3]

Please ensure that you have access to all three of these documents.

DO NOT race off and throw money into advertising on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Adverts until you have reviewed these documents and built a plan. If you do need help or advice with your plan, feel free to contact the rev™ program team.

DOWNLOAD the rev™ Digital Marketing How-To Guide!

This is the ESSENTIAL starting point of your digital marketing journey and project.
Once you have read this document, it has embedded links that will direct you to our website download for
(Guide 2): 10 Step Brand Strategy and (Guide 3): 10 Step Process to Digital Marketing.

*PLEASE take your time to read this guide. We honestly think it's the best starting point for ANY digital marketing program... (The document immediately gets Emailed RIGHT to your inbox...)

Robert Durrant

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