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Digital Brand Marketing Training

rev™ Brand Healthcheck & Review Service

rev™ Brand Healthcheck and Review Service is a brand evaluation service we provide companies which measures and benchmarks their brand against similar companies in the same industry segment. We provide our rev™ Brand Healthcheck & Review Service as a complimentary service to new customers.

Service covers:
• Brand Identity & Design
• Brand Message & Story
• Brand Profile & Positioning
• Brand Reach & Awareness
• Brand Value and Engagement
• Documented finding and reccomendations.

Investment: $N/C

rev™ Website Marketing Programs

Have a website, but not sure how to leverage it in order to generate sales leads?
In a digital age, ALL of your customers are "online."
This now means that your website is the basis for ALL your business marketing and sales engagement campaigns.
Our website marketing program is a 4-hour program that teaches you how to market your website and use social media & digital marketing to grow your online brand, build online audiences, generate traffic to pages, and also implement conversion strategies and tactics which generate sales leads. Need a new website? Check our website development service [View Website Packages].

Website marketing programs teach you to:
• Create a website and digital marketing plan
• Build your brand and online presence
• Create an interactive audience with content marketing
• Generate traffic and conversions using social and digital marketing
• Monetise your audience and turn audiences into paying customers (over and over again)
• Build automated sales funnels.

rev™ Brand StoryBoard Workshop

What you tell people about your business isn’t always what they hear?
rev™ Brand StoryBoard is a brand review service that refines your business message (elevator pitch) into a clear and concise “story” making it far easier for people to hear and comprehend.

Brand StoryBoard workshops are tailored to the specific requirements of the business.
Sessions are usually run over a 6-hour period with business owners and brand managers (on or offsite) at an average cost of $995 +GST.

rev™ Google & Facebook Advertising Seminar

STOP wasting money on social media & digital advertising until you understand the RIGHT and BEST way to use them!
This 24-minute webinar shares our AMAZING strategy on how to BEST use Google AdWords, Facebook & Twitter Advertising, and how these form part of your audience, traffic, and conversion campaigns (Digital & Content Marketing).

Webinar covers:
• How Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook & Twitter Adverts should link to your digital marketing strategy
• Tips on how to design the BEST swipecards for these digital advertising formats
• Tools that can help you choose EFFECTIVE headlines, keywords, grammar to gain the most from your campaigns
• Project planning tools to ensure you have all the parts connected.

Investment: $9.00 +GST Per Person (donated to charity)

rev™ Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Understand Digital Marketing BUT really struggle to pull everything together into a live program?
rev™ Digital Marketing Bootcamp is a 4-hour hands-on workshop for people who understand social media and digital marketing BUT need help to design and build their end-to-end process (e.g. automated sales funnels). We show you the right things to do, the best tools to use, and how to build a sustainable digital marketing program.

Bootcamp covers:
• Show you how to plan an effective and responsive digital marketing program
• Provide you with the steps and tools you need to implement your digital marketing program
• We show you the technology options that help you to build digital sales funnels
• How to apply automated and workflow to lead generation programs
• Help you to plan resources, budgets and timeframes.

Investment: $695 +GST Per Person

rev™ Building Digital Sales Funnels

Learn how to build an automated lead generation sales funnel for your digital marketing program.
This 6-hour workshop will show you how to plan and implement a digital campaign with a sales funnel. This is a detailed program and is best suited to competent marketers who have a good understanding of social media and digital marketing.

Workshop covers:
• Mapping out your campaign (Your offer, the audience, chosen platforms, automation etc)
• Understanding content marketing to build audiences and traffic
• Constructing your campaign and adverts (Images, content, format, destination, action)
• Using squeeze or landing pages
• Building conversions tools and offers
• Using digital pixel tracking and remarketing techniques
• How to integrate leads to your CRM and email automation tools
• Using email workflow automation to nurture your database
• Creating sales engagement programs
• Review of new digital marketing software tools available.

Investment: $995 +GST Per Person
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rev™ Digital Marketing Healthcheck

Want better results from your Digital Marketing Program?
Social media platforms are changing constantly. Quite often, your results will drop simply because of small changes that most general marketers would not be aware of.
Our rev™ Healthcheck is a service where we review your existing social media platforms and campaign set-up and provide a documented improvement report. We ensure that everything is using the LATEST digital functionality and we also provide you with the latest tips and tricks.

Healthcheck covers:
• Review of your social media set-up (Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
• Configuration of digital tracking pixels and remarketing campaigns
• Review of custom audiences and how to improve them
• Review of your Advert Manager set-up and campaign budgets
• Review of your current advertisements and campaigns
• Recommendations on new digital marketing tools available
• New functionality training
• Tips and tricks.

Investment: $495 +GST Per Person
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rev™ S&M

rev™ Branding is a specialist Brand Development and Marketing Agency.
We work within Hi-Tech, Retail, Trade Services, Hospitality, FMCG, and CPG to increase sales and grow their business.
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