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Marketing your Business Using Digital


Marketing your Business Using Digital

Need some help marketing your business?
Struggling to cut through the online marketing noise?
Looking to partner with a digital agency?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re involved with, the evolution of digital (and your customers) will force that business to change the way it markets itself and communicates with its clients.

Business marketing has become a whole lot more complex!

1. Continually changing algorithms and functionality on digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords.
2. The rapid emergence of new technology and how this works in conjunction with your existing business infrastructure.
3. Adapting to new marketing trends such as Digital Customer Experience and Journey.
4. Retaining skilled staff to support an effective marketing and sales engagement program for your business.

A noisy online marketing world will only get worse over time!
How do you make YOUR business brand get heard over the top of this online noise?

The most successful companies you see marketing on TV, Social Media and all across the Internet spend 10s of THOUSANDS of dollars on their campaigns.

BUT, did you know that its possible with VERY LITTLE or even NO INVESTMENT in online advertising that your business can achieve some pretty amazing results?

The secret is getting the basics right first!
Brand positioning and your message
Understanding your market and matching challenges with solutions
Focused and targeted campaigns using digital tools (many are free)
Sustainable and automated lead engagement and nurturing sales funnels
Partnering with a digital agency who can support and mentor you through the journey.

This is where we help you...

rev™ Branding is a digital brand transformation agency who help connect companies with their customers using digital brand experiences and journeys.

We help you to implement focused and effective 'hyper-targeted' digital marketing and sales engagement programs.

(1) Brand Development & Marketing Package

Our MOST popular package which provides an essential brand marketing review and improvement service. If you have a new or existing business, your branding can quickly fall behind the advancements in your market segment
(and you get left behind).

We bring EVERYTHING back into focus allowing you to invest confidently within marketing and business development programs.

What is Included:
Marketing Strategy and Tactical Plan Development
Company Brand Message Storyboard and Positioning Review
Company Profile and Sales (Elevator) Pitch Design
Brand Marketing Review (Logo, Social Media, Google, LinkedIn, Website, Partners etc.)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Audit
Target Market Profiling and Audience Segmentation
Unique Selling Proposition and Value Positioning
Sales Offer Review/Audit (Product and/or Service offer)
Business Development and Lead Generation Plan
Event Marketing and Lead Management Plan
Channel Development Plan
Affiliate Marketing Model
Add on the SEO Development Program for an additional $1,500 (Half Off)

Investment: $4,995.00 +gst

(2) Digital Experience and Journey Review

How your customers find you, perform research, and then engage with your business will supersede ANY investment you make in digital marketing and online advertising. If you dont get this journey correct, your leads will simply evaporate. rev™ Digital Brand Experience and Journey map each of the touchpoints your customer has with your brand. We track how your customer found you, and then the subsequence steps that they took to research, engage and purchase from you.

What is Included:
Digital Customer Experience & Journey overview
Real business examples of some Digital Transformation benefits
We show you how to map your companies Digital Touchpoints
How Digital Experience and Journeys link with Digital Marketing
How to build a digital transformation program.

Investment: $495.00 +gst (special rate until June 30th 2019)

(3) Organic SEO Development Program

This Organic SEO Development Program is perfect for companies who want to grow their business organically and avoid large investments within online marketing campaigns.
The best bit is WE do the work for you and keep you on track with mentoring and tutoring.

What is Included:
Update Company Profile and Positioning
Update Social Profiles (Facebook, Google Search, LinkedIn, Website, Channel Partners)
Organic SEO Enhancement (Website Structure, Social Media, Google representation)
Blog SEO Enhancements (up to 5 blogs)
Social Media Content Enhancements (up to 10)
Promotion of Sales/Service Offer (Digital SEO Listing)
Event Marketing Enhancement (if applicable)
Building a Digital Sales Funnel (Offer, Lead Page, Engagement, Conversion)
Channel Partner Program
Training and Documented Tasks Lists
Business Mentoring and Ongoing Tutoring.

Investment: $2,945.00 +gst

(4) Social Media Marketing Campaign

We will build and deliver a professionally developed Facebook marketing campaign
(Not something done by you mate's cousin who "knows a bit about Facebook")

What is Included:
Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan
Configuration of your Facebook Advertising Manager
Build Facebook Target and Custom Audiences (Customer email database)
Pixel tracking and Remarketing configuration
Creation of Facebook Campaign Content (Sales Offer, Content, Images)
Design and Publish of 1 x ‘Professional’ Facebook Campaign
Campaign Reporting and metrics plus improvement options
Optional automated email lead nurturing sales funnel for $749
Add on the SEO Development Program for an additional $1,500 (Half Off)

Investment: $1,545.00 +gst

The team at rev™ are experts at providing 'tailored and focused' social media and digital marketing campaigns. Not only did they provide us with the framework and plan to grow our business, they also monitored our progress each month to ensure that tasks got completed. If you want to avoid the 'scatter gun' approach to marketing I recommend that you partner with a niche digital agency like rev™.
- Matthew Bishop, Location Co

Need a new Website?

rev™ WebServices
email accounts
CMS (back-end content editor)
Up to 15-pages created (but capacity for unlimited pages)
eCommerce store set-up
WordPress Blog
Social Integration (share and Like buttons) to your accounts
Home Page Sliding Banners
Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and My Business set-up
SEO Friendly
Mobile Friendly (Fully Responsive)

Investment: between $2,995 to $4,995 +gst

Looking for some DIY Digital Marketing Guides?

Some companies prefer to have a go themselves, and we understand that.
To help you on that journey, we’ve provided the links to some of our popular DIY User Guides.

Digital Marketing How-To (Guide 1): This document educates you on what Digital Marketing is and the benefits to your business e.g. lead generation and sales. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 1]

10 Step Digital Brand Strategy (Guide 2): The MOST critical part of the journey is the planning. This guide is designed to help you build a digital marketing plan. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 2]

10 Step Process to Digital Marketing (Guide 3): In this section, we deal with the technical and infrastructure pieces that you will need when implementing your digital marketing program. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 3]

Business Mentoring & Coaching: Sales Coaching and Mentoring programs, workshops, and webinars. [LEARN MORE]

Need More Information?

Give us a call on +61 3 9863-7444 or email us at

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