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Case Studies

Business Mentoring & Marketing Case Study - Location Co

Business Mentoring, Business Marketing, Brand Strategy, Brand Marketing

Location Co began its life 12-months ago by a team of surfing enthusiasts who were looking to market and sell surf related products. As part of their core product offer, Location Co created a range of surf waxes to suit the best surfing conditions, e.g. cold, warm and tropical water temperatures.

Location Co Director, Mr Matt Bishop has incredible passion and knowledge for the surf industry but doesn’t have the experience within start-up businesses and how to market them. Matt needed a Business Mentor who would listen to his ideas and advise him on the best way to implement these. Matt needed guidance to commercialise his business model, and then build the go-to-market strategy.

Robert Durrant from rev™ Branding was engaged by Location Co as their Business Mentor and Coach. Each month, Matt met with Rob to develop and refine the Location Co business model, their marketing, their tactics strategy, as well as their sales and distribution model.

By combining Location Co’s amazing surf products and passion with the business marketing and sales expertise provided by Robert Durrant, Location Co was able to grow their business by 600% in the first 3-months. Matt now has a solid growth plan, marketing, and sales tools in place, as well as the business mentoring support that allows him to engage and onboard new retail customers with confidence.

Sales Training, Coaching and Mentoring Case Study - Akyra

Sales Training, Sales Coaching, Business Mentoring

Akyra is a Queensland based HR company who combine strategy, methodology and design thinking to deliver fully customised and flexible HR solutions to organisations. Akyra is specialist HR consultant that provides a range of services to ensure their customers meet compliance with employee legislative requirements.

As a start to the Akyra sales plan, Margaret Goody, Managing Director of Akyra employed their first Business Development Manager. In parallel to this, the business also invested in the sponsorship of a leading HR event. Margaret, understood that to get the most of the event investment, they needed to invest in sales training and skills coaching.

Akyra contracted rev™ Branding to run a sales training program for their sales and business development team. rev™ created a 10-module sales program for Akrya that focused on key areas such as; the sales process, networking, sales qualification, objection handling, sales presentations and proposals, sales nurturing, and sales pipeline management.

Akyra and rev™ Branding were able to run this sales training program in time for their sponsored HR event. The training provided the Akyra sales team with the confidence to engage event delegates, and deliver a meaningful elevator pitch about the Akyra business. Akyra also implemented a post-event follow-up and sales engagement campaign designed to close hot opportunities and nurture the warm leads.

Entrepreneur and Start-Up Business Mentoring Case Study - Brauz

Entrepreneur Mentoring, Start-Up Business Strategy, Business Mentoring, Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Brand Marketing

Brauz is a new technology business and the first marketplace to blend physical, digital and virtual retail into one personalised shopping experience. Brauz is a retail app that connects shoppers to brands they love in local brick and mortar stores through innovative technologies, including VR and beacons.

As a start-up company, Brauz needed assistance with their sales & marketing go-to-market plan. With limited funds available, they were looking for a marketing and sales agency who was “start-up friendly” and understood that “flexibility” would be a key factor in any proposed services package.

As a leader in business, marketing, and sales mentoring services for start-up companies, rev™ Branding were asked to contribute as a marketing and sales advisory service to help refine their go-to-market plan.
Over a 6-month period, rev™ worked with the Brauz CEO and Sales Manager to build a strategy and tactical plan for their marketing and sales program.

rev™ Branding assisted Brauz with event planning, digital marketing, branding and PR, product packaging, website, brand profiles and sales toolkits.

Brand Strategy Case Study - DDS Australia

Brand Strategy, Brand Tactics, Business Strategy, Brand Marketing

DDS Australia is a specialist project management and project controls solutions company for clients within the Oil & Gas, Mining, Civil Construction, Defence, Aviation, IT and commercial / residential building sectors of Australia.

With more companies having a greater focus towards project cost savings, DDS Australia wanted to leverage their strong reputation for project management services,
but also introduce some new project management tools that provide greater visibility and analytics around project costs. DDS needed a business and marketing plan to grow their brand and to also promote these new products.

rev™ Branding provided a business strategy and tactics workshop. Involved in the workshop were DDS directors Dean and Justin. This forum was used to define their goals and objectives, understand their strengths and weaknesses, provide a market/competitor summary. rev™ would use this information to create a marketing campaign plan (both online and offline).

rev™ Branding created a set of recommendations for DDS Australia designed to achieve the following:
• Create a stronger digital brand which is supported by social media and digital marketing
• Build sales toolkits that would be used as hand-outs and direct mail engagement items
• Create a Content Marketing program based educational and informative Project Management related rticles
• Create a Project Management community hub using Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

Brand Marketing & Amplification Case Study - Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors

Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing, Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy

The window furnishing market is not only highly competitive, but it is also a high-ticket item when it comes to new or home renovations.
Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors with over 30-years’ experience manufacture a range of high-quality blinds and security doors in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Marcus Tilley, Director of Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors, needed a way to cut through the online marketing being published by the major players within this segment. Being a small business with a limited marketing budget, Marcus was looking for an agency who could train their staff to plan and publish effective digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors subscribed to one of rev™ Branding’s digital marketing packages designed to empower small businesses to manage their own social media and digital marketing, but with the coaching support from a professional marketing agency.

Ashwood Blinds and Security Doors, in conjunction with rev™ have a fully-configured Facebook advertising program complete with email workflow to create an ongoing digital marketing sales funnel.
This was achieved on the completion of 2-onsite workshops, some take-home tasks, as well as rev™ consulting services to complete some minor set-up and configuration work.
rev™ has also created an effective B2B Marketing and Sales engagement program to target their business clientele.

Digital Marketing Case Study - S.E.C Electrical

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Brand Identity

S.E.C Electrical is a Perth based electrical contractor who specialises in electrical, but handles all trade services associated with residential, strata or commercial fit-outs and refurbishments.

As a 6-month old trade services business, S.E.C needed assistance with their Digital Marketing.
With limited time and skills in this digital marketing area, they needed help from a digital marketing agency.

S.E.C engaged rev™ Branding as a specialist business growth agency to configure their social media platforms and website, provide content for these pages, and also to create a set of Facebook advertisements that could be used by them later as a template for future advertising.

rev™ Branding build a digital marketing strategy and an advertising plan with budgets. The plan including keywords, phrases, segments, messages, offers, and also the artwork. rev™ also developed a range of Facebook campaigns including promoted posts and adverts. Lastly, rev™ provided a website refresh (creation of new pages, and refresh of content on existing pages).

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