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How we Help

  • rev™ Business Strategy & Tactics

    Using strategies and tactics to drive effective marketing and sales results.

  • rev™ Digital Channel Marketing

    Building hyper-targeted, personalised, and contextual digital marketing and sales engagement campaigns.

  • rev™ Sales Training, Coaching and Mentoring

    Developing the right skills and behaviours for sales staff to more confidently engage, qualify, and nurture sales opportunities.

Building Great Businesses

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration; turning online audiences into customers.

Business Strategy & Tactics

Before you begin investing in sales and marketing campaigns, get your business strategy and tactics in place FIRST!

EVERY business needs a sales strategy and marketing plan.
Without the right plan, marketing budgets will be wasted, and new business leads will simply evaporate!

rev™ Strategy & Tactics provide business consulting and mentoring services to help companies to create focused and outcome driven business marketing and sales plans.

We work with you to create targeted digital channel marketing and sales engagement programs which will continue to drive QUALITY new business enquiries.

Get the BEST ideas and advice.
Engage rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration who are EXPERTS at growing businesses.

Digital Channel Marketing

By 2022, Gartner predicts that 70% of all shopping transactions will be influenced by website or mobile device.

Today’s shoppers’ are connected continuously to digital channels with more than 1 Billion people accessing Facebook every single day!

For a successful omnichannel digital marketing program, you need to implement optimised ‘digital experiences’ using ‘personalised marketing content’.

Brand marketers have jumped onto this, and are engaging digital agencies like rev™ Digital Marketing to design their digital customer experience, and build hyper-targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns.

rev™ Digital Channel Marketing build personalised and contextual digital channel marketing and sales engagement solutions.

Sales Training & Mentoring

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing, if you don’t have the right sales skills in place your leads will merely evaporate!

Today’s digitally savvy customer has new ways to research and purchase product and services.

It’s now essential that your sales team are equipped with the right sales tools and engagement techniques to help them engage, qualify, and nurture sales leads through to customers.

rev™ Sales Training provide companies with customised sales training workshops, webinars, how-to training guides, and sales pipeline management software.

Want to generate more business and close more sales? We have a range of rev™ Sales Training Programs each designed for varying levels of sales experience.

Additional Services we offer

rev™ WebServices is a website design, development, and marketing service.
We get businesses online quickly, and we market their brands using our expertise within Social Media and Digital Marketing.

Our Mobile and Google friendly designs engage audiences, and then take them on an educational buyer-centric journey.

rev™ WebServices Packages: Check Website packages and prices [LEARN MORE]

image Brand Strategy and Marketing is one of the most important elements of your business outside your financial management. Your brand is without a doubt your company’s most valuable asset. A strong brand builds trust and integrity, both crucial elements to turn leads into customers.

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration helps companies with brand strategy & development and brand marketing services.

Download our free rev™ Brand Strategy Development Guide [LEARN MORE]

image The digital revolution has blurred the lines between online and offline customers - they now are a single audience.
Your business needs to move beyond traditional forms of digital marketing and into a world where a Digital Customer Experience and Journey involves feelings, interaction, and engagement.

The collision of digital customer experience with content and commerce will ultimately force you to adopt optimised and personalised hyper-targeted omnichannel marketing and sales campaigns.

Learn more about rev™ Digital Customer Experience & Journeys [LEARN MORE]

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