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Business Mentoring


Business Mentoring

Why Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs need a Mentor! Did you ever feel like every decision you make is the wrong one? Things WILL be much easier if you have the support of a Business Mentor.

There ARE days when small business owners and entrepreneurs can feel like the decisions they make are the WRONG ones. It’s not unusual to feel lonely or to question yourself, but it does make things easier if you can rely on a supportive network.

It’s these times where it is SO IMPORTANT to make contact with your support network. By engaging with the people who you respect or provide inspiration will enable you to bounce around some ideas and to regain some of those creative juices.

These up and down feelings are not sustainable and can cause you to make erratic decisions.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs are BEST advantaged by engaging a Business Mentor.

Ideally, your mentor would be someone who has walked a similar path, to allow you to benefit from their experience and wisdom. Mentors are business experts who have a passion for sharing their experience and skills to help people just like you to realise their entrepreneurial dream.

Have you ever felt like?
• You have a great idea, but struggle to commercialise it?
• The decisions you’ve made are not correct?
• The results you expected did not eventuate?
• The market around you is moving faster than your business?
• You’re falling behind in the adoption of marketing and sales tools?
• You are tired, it’s too hard, and you wish someone would help?

Make the decision to engage a business mentor or coach!

The GOOD NEWS is that in today’s business world we are fortunate to have successful business people who are happy to share their knowledge and wisdom in order to help others avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes associated with starting a new business.

Business mentors help you to achieve the following:
• Help you to see the big picture again – new opportunities!
• Ensure that you have the right strategy and plan in place
• Keep you focused on the end goal
• Ensure that your marketing and sales plans are working
• Validate your thoughts and ideas
• Help with problem-solving
• Improve your networking
• Keep you motivated and excited!

Location Co has been working with Robert Durrant for over 6-months. His business management, marketing, and sales expertise has been instrumental in taking our business from concept to a commercial operation. During those times when we thought that we were "over our head," his wisdom and guidance brought us back to our strategy and plan.

"We're extremely happy with the guidance from Rob." - Matthew Bishop, Location Co


Start your Business Mentoring!

rev™ Mentor & Coaching Programs are the support framework to ensure that success is the key milestone in your journey. Our rev™ Mentoring process combines listening, planning, advising and then encouraging through our nurturing process.

Our rev™ Mentor & Coaching Programs specialise in the following:
1. Small to medium business or start-ups
2. Business commercialisation, marketing, and sales development.
3. Employees within marketing and sales roles.

Free 30-min Business Consult:
Getting started with a business mentor or sales coach can be a little tricky, so we offer a free 30-min business consult conducted over the phone or via Skype as a “meet and greet” and to talk freely about your challenge and if we are the right people to help you. Simply register using the quick register form on this page or click the Register Here icon to take you to the registration page

rev™ Mentor & Coaching Programs
Monthly 1-hour sessions for individuals designed for;
• Personal Development
• Validation of your business model and sales offer
• Defining your target market (customers)
• Understanding the market and your competitors
• Defining your value proposition and problems that you solve
• Strategic sales and marketing planning
• Growth strategy and funding options
• Go-to-Market marketing and sales programs
• Support through business coaching and mentoring.
3-month package $495.00 +GST
12-month package $1,895.00 +GST (Inc. 12 monthly meetings PLUS unlimited support services)

rev™ Business Growth Mentoring Program
• 15 (not 12) meetings (over 12-months and on-demand)
• Unlimited mentor support via phone and email
• Access to our business mentor community group (Facebook and LinkedIn)
• Access to business mentor guides, templates, and how-to programs
• Access to business mentor workshops and webinars.
Annual fee $4,995.00 +GST

Need more information about our business mentoring, marketing and sales programs?

rev™ develops deep and long-lasting relationships with clients through professionalism, trust, and also being passionate about their results. As a business, rev™ cares about who you are, what you believe and what your brand stands for. You can rely on our mentors to listen as well as act, to push constantly against the ordinary to produce extraordinary results.

rev™ Sales & Marketing Mentoring help businesses to survive, thrive and grow.

Give me a call to discuss how we can support you and your business.
Robert Durrant
+61 3 9863 7444

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