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Brand StoryBoard


Brand StoryBoard

Explaining in a few short sentences what your business does, isn’t always easy!
Your logo, slogan, and company profile aids in this task, but are you sure it’s sending the right (current) message?

The things you say, are not always what your customers hear!
It’s common to find that business owners or marketers being so close to their brand that they fail to notice any potential issues surrounding their brand message. In a lot of cases, we find companies still using the original logo, slogan, and taglines that were created when they first started the business.

Are you sure that your brand message is current?
Industries evolve, and consumers trends change. You could potentially be left behind with your customers searching for things you're not offering?
Are they shopping with your competitors?
No-one advertises petrol generators anymore, but we sure do see a lot of marketing for solar electricity systems…

rev™ Brand StoryBoard is a branding service which helps companies to explain what their business does in concise, relevant, and ‘current’ terms. Our brand message process defines your customers, the problems they face, and how your solutions will ultimately create them value.

Our methodology encapsulates;
The market context
The problems you solve
Your solution and promise
The difference and its value.

Unlike traditional brand agencies, we take this a BIG step further to produce extraordinary results.

Did you know that the human brain more easily comprehends information when its being explained in a story format?

Our brand marketers do, and they have been trained to use our 6-step Story framework to turn your brand message into a rev™ Brand StoryBoard.

The outcome of the rev™ Brand StoryBoard is having MORE people ‘listen and comprehend’ what you're telling them about your business, its brand, and your offer.

Humans are programmed to Survive or Thrive

The human brain processes information into two categories;

Survive - do I need this to keep me alive, e.g. a must have
Thrive - will this enhance and better my life, e.g. your wish list.

It gets more interesting when you turn this into a marketing message. E.g. are you marketing something that people need? e.g. scarcity or threat, OR is it something they would like to have? e.g. luxury or experience.

Each of these will potentially have a different message and advertising tactic.

Human brains LOVE stories

Humans love stories because the brain more easily comprehends the detailed information that is being provided in a story board format. The story board format or framework has been used for years in any book, movie, or documentary. It’s a proven system, and it really does work.

How the Story Board framework works:

1. There is a character (your prospect or customer)
2. Who has a problem or a need
3. They meet a guide or a hero
4. Who provides a plan
5. Calls them to an action
6. Which results in Success / Failure
Success - the win and the vision of what my life will look like
Failure - what my life is like without having your products or service.

rev™ StoryBoard 6-Step Framework This 6-Step Story Framework has already been used for decades.
Leading global companies already use this methodology to build their company profiles, sales pitches, and marketing campaigns.

Use-Case example

(We applied it to our rev™ Digital Marketing profile)

Today’s customers’ shop in very different ways. They use the Internet and social networking platforms via their smartphones and tablets to research and make purchases. [The Character]

Companies spend large sums of money on marketing and sales programs, trying to reach the right audience with the right message. Today’s digital marketing and sales solutions now allow you to target your audience with focused messages.[The Problem]

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is certified in the latest digital technologies, and we train companies how to use these tools to accelerate the marketing and sales of their products. [The Hero]

By combining strategy & tactics, digital marketing, and sales coaching & mentoring, rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Programs build targeted, and automated sales engagement campaigns. These campaigns turn buyers into customers by taking them through a controlled qualification and conversion process. [The Action and Outcome]

rev™ Brand StoryBoard Services

rev™ Brand StoryBoard Workshops: 6-Hour onsite workshop where we explain the rev™ Brand StoryBoard framework and workshop how to apply it to your own company. Workshop investment: $995 +GST

Need a new logo and creative style? Our creative team can help you to design and create a new logo, as well as build a brand style for your business (colours, fonts, imagery, website and software UX, collateral)

Website and App development: Need a new website or design refresh? Are you a software company and need some user interface designs (UX)? We also build iOS or android business or customer apps, AI and Voice Assisted technologies.

Digital Customer Experiences (DCE): Our Digital Customer Experience service links your business to its customers by a matrix of the digital interactions they’ve had. We use this matrix to create a digital customer journey that provides personalised content which simplifies the shopper’s purchase process.

Have a question?
Please contact us at or call +61 3 9863 7444.

Do you have a current Brand Strategy?

DOWNLOAD the rev™ 10-Step Brand Strategy Development Guide. This is your how-to guide when building a brand strategy and plan - an essential part of your digital marketing journey so get this piece RIGHT!

*PLEASE grab a copy of this guide. We honestly think it's the most important part of ANY digital marketing program...
(The document immediately the document gets emailed RIGHT to your inbox...)

Robert Durrant

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