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Brand Development and Optimisation


Brand Development and Optimisation

Is your brand message complex or confusing?
Do you feel like your brand image is out of date?
Are your customers starting to purchase from NEW competitors?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, its become ESSENTIAL that you keep your brand current and in-line with what your customers want!

The way your customers search and make purchases constantly changes. Each and every year new competitors continue to pop-up all marketing a range of new products and services.

Your brand need to be CONTINUALLY updated and maintained to ensure that you stay relevant and at the forefront of your market segment.

Factors that will impact your Brand

As the world continues to evolve, and new technologies is developed, there will be a range of factors that will have a significant impact your business and its brand over time.

1. New products, services (offers) and competitors within your market segment
2. Industry disrupters e.g. new technology or industry legislation reforms
3. Advances in digital marketing trends e.g. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
4. Changes in the way your customers research and make purchases e.g. smartphones, social media.

Industry disruptors like Uber and Airbnb have dominated their respective market with new products and services. These companies have causes havoc to existing businesses who refused to adapt - they simply got left behind.

In such a dynamic business environment, it’s now become necessary that companies review and update their brand, offer, and value proposition EVERY 12-months.

This is where rev™ Branding can help you! as a specialist brand agency, rev™ Branding helps you to more easily describe, communicate, and market your business brand to drive sales and growth opportunities.

(1) Brand Development & Optimisation Package

Our MOST popular branding package which provides an essential brand development and marketing service. This package has been heavily discounted for NEW customers who feel like their business brand requires some development. We bring EVERYTHING back into focus allowing you to invest confidently within marketing and business development campaigns.
SAVE up to 75% on this package

What is Included:
Company Brand Storyboard and Positioning Review
Company Profile and Sales (Elevator) Pitch Design
Brand Messaging Pyramid Design
Brand Marketing Review (Logo, Social Media, Google, LinkedIn, Website, Partners etc.)
Marketing Strategy and Tactical Plan Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Audit
Target Market Profiling and Audience Segmentation
Unique Selling Proposition and Value Positioning Design
Sales Offer Review/Audit (Product and/or Service offer)
Business Development and Lead Generation Review
Event Marketing and Lead Management Plan
Channel Development Plan
Affiliate Marketing Model.

Investment: $995.00 +gst *special pre-paid rate saving you $3000 (Normally price $3,995.00 +gst).

Need More Information?

This program is ONLY available at this special rate when its pre-paid through our website online shopping cart (Credit Card or PayPal) or via direct debit to our bank account (tax invoice will be provided).

If you need any help understanding if this brand development program is right for you, please give us a call on
+61 3 9863-7444 or email us at

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