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Sales Engagement Programs

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Sales Engagement Programs

Marketing & Events turn sales visions into a reality.
As part of our rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Program, we take a sales plan and turn this into a rev™ Sales Engagement Program. This component based set of marketing activities generates quality leads and measurable sales.

rev™ Sales Engagement Program are the buyer targeted activities that deliver upon your sales and marketing plan. Unlike generic Brand or PR agencies who specialise in broad-based marketing, rev™ Sales Engagement Programs deliver targeted campaigns, each designed to 'touch your buyer'. This focused approach identifies your buyer, who has a genuine need and intent to purchase! Depending on your sales offer and target market, rev™ Sales Engagement Programs have a range of options that (a) are proven. (b) produce results. (c) simply don't cost a lot.

We pack a lot of options into your sales punch;

Website Lead Tracking Service: See which companies visit your website and engage them
Events & Seminars: Focused engagement forums where we bring together buyers facing similar challenges
Direct Mail: Targeted and focused direct mail campaigns that trigger the thought process with your buyer
Telesales: Overflow resources that will support your sales team with follow up and level one qualification
Social Media & Viral Campaigns: Interactive social media - remarketing, pixeling, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords
Digital Marketing: Become digital with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adwords, YouTube
Newsletters / Blogs: Develop a readership or following with targeted information and messages
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Ensure your existing online strategy gains Google ranking and SEO opportunities
Advertising: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube, Trade magazines and industry whitepapers
Alliance Partnerships: Use networks for marketing, branding, referrals, sales and distribution
Research and Analysis: Let our team research channels and market segments to identify key sales and marketing opportunities
Trade Exhibitions: Participate at events that bring buyers to you - focused and decisive opportunities
Sponsorships: Leverage existing marketing and associated brand partners
Channel Partners: Build sales network through established partners within your target market segment (B2B and B2C)
Affiliate Marketing: Utilising digital partners to promote your brand in a non-intrusive way via social media
Resellers & Distributors: Utilise the skills and resources of established companies ready to market and sell your product.

Our BEST piece of advice would be to get 'the strategy right' first!

Our rev™ Sales Development Program help you to develop a structured sales process, sales toolkits, and provide your team with sales training, sales coaching and sales mentoring. Learn More Here

Need help on how to get started? Head to our Blog Page, there is a heap of great articles and checklists that you can download and use for free. Our Resource Library page also has a bunch of documents, tools, and case studies that you can use to plan your programs.

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