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Sales Engagements

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Sales Engagements

rev™ Sales Engagement Programs are designed to convert your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

Sales Development and the use of sales development tools and techniques are becoming increasingly popular, even vital, to today’s successful sales organisations.

Sales Development has had numerous names, e.g. business development, channel sales development, inside sales. While each of these roles has a slightly different functional definition, they all work together to play a role in a sales focus company.

In today’s practice, sales development teams are defined as a specialised group that focuses entirely on converting the Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). It’s this area that encompasses qualification, appointment setting, and face-to-face presentations.

Gone are the days of the traditional email blasts, cold calling, leaving voicemails, and at the end, the rinse and repeat cycle that no longer works.

To be successful this year, next year, and beyond, sales development staff need to think outside the box and use strategy, tactics, skills and tools to generate new business leads and nurture these through to a customer.

rev™ Sales Development is an experienced marketing and sales agency who provide a range of tools and services which optimise sales teams.

If you have already utilised our rev™ Sales & Marketing Strategy & Tactics and our rev™ Digital Channel Marketing, your sales staff would now have access to a flow of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL).

Our rev™ Sales Engagement Services encompass:

Engagement: using tools and techniques to engage MQL
Qualification: teaching sales staff how MQL to SQL qualification
Nurturing: interactive and educational program that build trust
Conversion: building quality and sustainable sales pipelines
Leverage: Using account management to create cross-sales opportunities.

rev™ support the sales engagement process by working with your business to develop your sales strategy and tactics, sales process and framework, sales toolkits, and of course providing sales staff with access to quality sales training, coaching and mentoring.

Our programs are designed to provide sales teams with the framework and ongoing support which allows them to make more informed decisions and be confidently in their sales approach.

Our rev™ Sales Development Program help you to develop a structured sales process, sales toolkits, and provide your team with sales training, sales coaching and sales mentoring. Learn More Here

Need help on how to get started? Head to our Blog Page, there is a heap of great articles and checklists that you can download and use for free. Our Resource Library page also has a bunch of documents, tools, and case studies that you can use to plan your programs.

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