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Sales Engagement Programs

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Sales Engagement Programs

Marketing & Events turn sales visions into a reality.
As part of our rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Program, we take a sales plan and turn this into a rev™ Sales Engagement Program. This component based set of marketing activities generates quality leads and measurable sales.

rev™ Sales Engagement Program are the buyer targeted activities that deliver upon your sales and marketing plan. Unlike generic Brand or PR agencies who specialise in broad-based marketing, rev™ Sales Engagement Programs deliver targeted campaigns, each designed to 'touch your buyer'. This focused approach identifies your buyer, who has a genuine need and intent to purchase! Depending on your sales offer and target market, rev™ Sales Engagement Programs have a range of options that (a) are proven. (b) produce results. (c) simply don't cost a lot.

We pack a lot of options into your sales punch;

Website Lead Tracking Service: See which companies visit your website and engage them
Events & Seminars: Focused engagement forums where we bring together buyers facing similar challenges
Direct Mail: Targeted and focused direct mail campaigns that trigger the thought process with your buyer
Telesales: Overflow resources that will support your sales team with follow up and level one qualification
Social Media & Viral Campaigns: Interactive social media - remarketing, pixeling, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords
Digital Marketing: Become digital with a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adwords, YouTube
Newsletters / Blogs: Develop a readership or following with targeted information and messages
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Ensure your existing online strategy gains Google ranking and SEO opportunities
Advertising: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, YouTube, Trade magazines and industry whitepapers
Alliance Partnerships: Use networks for marketing, branding, referrals, sales and distribution
Research and Analysis: Let our team research channels and market segments to identify key sales and marketing opportunities
Trade Exhibitions: Participate at events that bring buyers to you - focused and decisive opportunities
Sponsorships: Leverage existing marketing and associated brand partners
Channel Partners: Build sales network through established partners within your target market segment (B2B and B2C)
Affiliate Marketing: Utilising digital partners to promote your brand in a non-intrusive way via social media
Resellers & Distributors: Utilise the skills and resources of established companies ready to market and sell your product.

Our BEST piece of advice would be to get 'the strategy right' first!

Our rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration Program are designed to build this strategy BEFORE you run around waste a lot of time, effort and money.
Need help on how to get started? Head to our Blog Page, there is a heap of great articles and checklists that you can download and use for free. Our Resource Library page also has a bunch of documents, tools, and case studies that you can use to plan your programs.

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