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Marketing a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget


Marketing a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing a Small Business on a Shoestring Budget can actually be simple IF you have a strong understanding of how today’s digital marketing and social media platforms operate? The trouble is, many small business owners don’t know its capability.

Regardless whether you’re a Plumber, Electrician (auto), Landscaper, Garden Maintenance, Retail & Lifestyle Shop, Auto Repair Shop, Café / Restaurant, Builder, Transportation, Financial Service Provider, etc. running a small business can be tough.

EVERY single day you are challenged with finding the time to run the business, as well as grow the business. You're managing the finances, staff, operations, sales, and you’re even accountable for the customer service (good or bad).

We know that your business can’t rely on just the dollars it’s generating today.
You MUST also be looking at ways to generate new customers and sales to support the business of tomorrow!

Digital Marketing; New Hope for Small Business

Today’s digital marketing and social media platforms allow you to target potential customers and market your products and services to them in far more efficient ways than the past. Digital marketing can also 'automate' the process of marketing your business and brands to achieve more ongoing sales enquiries, 24-hours a day, and at a VERY low cost.

Here is an example:
1. Rob sells books.
2. Rob has a Facebook page.
3. Rob tells Facebook to target people within an age group, who live in a specified area, that have a specific interest in his book topic.
4. Facebook places articles and adverts within the news feeds of these people.
5. These people view the content; Rob places a pixel that tracks their visit and actions.
6. Some people click and buy the book, those that don’t will receive new messages from Facebook tomorrow which 'remind' them why the book is relevant to them. Eventually they will make the purchase
7. This 'reminded' audience also go into a digital sales funnel. Over time they are nurtured and presented with a range of new content about relates items that’s also of interest to them.
8. From the income generated from his book sales, Rob pays Facebook around $40.
9. Rob continues this process, and over time the audience organically grows.
10. Rob writes and sells books. Digital tools like Facebook do his marketing.

This process can be linked to your Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and even your Twitter account. Remember, depending on your business, and what you sell, some platforms will give you better results than others.
(ensure that you get your strategy right first).

Do your own Digital Marketing!

Everyone begins their digital journey at varying skill levels and understanding. To solve this, we created three separate articles with downloadable guides that will take you from ZERO to HERO! (This is the free stuff we give you)

Digital Marketing How-To (Guide 1): This document educates you on what Digital Marketing is and the benefits to your business e.g. lead generation and sales. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 1]

10 Step Digital Brand Strategy (Guide 2): The MOST critical part of the journey is the planning. This guide is designed to help you build a digital marketing plan. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 2]

10 Step Process to Digital Marketing (Guide 3): In this section, we deal with the technical and infrastructure pieces that you will need when implementing your digital marketing program. [DOWNLOAD GUIDE 3]

We do your Digital Marketing for you!

We understand that some small business owners don’t have the time to read 'how-to' knowledge articles like these.
To solve this, we have an outsourced Social Media and Digital Marketing Service available to speed up the entire process.

Do-It-For-Me Digital Marketing Services: Our consultants work with you to build and publish your first Digital Marketing and Social Media campaign.

Walk into the office EVERY day knowing that new sales enquires were generated from YOUR BEST digital campaigns.

SUPPORTING ARTICLES: Linking Digital Marketing to your Website

Building automated sales funnel that generates sales enquiries for less than 10c each. [LEARN MORE]

How to use Digital Marketing and Pixels to track and re-market to potential customers. [READ ARTICLE]

How digital can to turn events into an interactive and engagement experience. [CLICK TO LEARN MORE]

Difference between Online Advertising and Digital Marketing. [READ ARTICLE]

Get Your Website Right!

EVERY business must have a CURRENT and GOOGLE FRIENDLY website!
Regardless of what you sell, it's ESSENTIAL that you have a strong and active web presence.

You can't afford to waste the opportunity or investment for such a crucial aspect of your business.
DO NOT leave it in the hands of amateurs or overseas developers who don't understand how your business operates.

Does your existing website meet Google's mobile compliance? [CHECK HERE]

rev™ WebServices are a website design, development, and marketing service.
Beautiful, Google friendly website packages available from $2,495.

Best tips and advice (from an agency that knows)

If you're not using digital marketing to target new business, I assure you that some of your competitors already are!

DO NOT just race into marketing your business online. You will only waste time, and burn a lot of money.

Take the time to invest within the following:
1. Find a digital agency that suits your business
2. Understand the business benefits and value
3. Build a plan of what you would like to achieve
4. Allocate money, people and time to the plan
5. Source digital tools – don’t build things yourself
6. Have an ongoing digital process in place.

LOTS of great information, BUT you're not quite ready to start?
For now, you would prefer to just receive the rev™ 1-per quarter newsletter containing all things digital marketing and sales. [Newsletter Registration]

Who is rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration?

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration (rev™) is an agency which trains people within start-up and small to medium sized businesses how to market and sell more stuff!

rev™ is certified in the use of the latest digital technologies, and teach companies how to use these to market and also sell more products to customers.

We combine strategy & tactics, digital marketing, and sales coaching & mentoring to build targeted, interactive, and automated sales engagement campaigns which will constantly generate pre-qualified sales enquiries.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss how we can grow YOUR business!


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