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B2B Marketing


B2B Marketing

Not getting the response that you expected from your business-to-business (B2B) marketing program?
(This article is for you!)

B2B Marketing when done correct can be extremely powerful and also very low cost!

For businesses who sell to other businesses (B2B), brand trust, value, and integrity are of the utmost importance.
B2B customers are usually forged over a period of time and develop into long-term relationships rather than a quick once-off sale.

Those companies that INVEST in B2B sales and marketing programs are often the ones that see substantial sales growth, client loyalty, and of course high sales margins due to a low cost-per-sale.

The fundamentals of good B2B sales marketing remain unchanged:
Well-designed brand and product marketing
Business development programs
Relevant sales toolkits
Sales team training & mentoring
Account engagement programs.

In today's digital age, your customers want (expect) more than a breakfast seminar and half-baked PowerPoint presentation.

The rapid evolution of digital now provides us with some very cool and effective tools that drive deeper engagement through education and interaction.

B2B Marketing using Digital

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration is a digital transformation agency which helps companies connect with customers using digital experiences and journeys.

We specialise in building B2B digital channel marketing and sales engagement programs.

Over the past 18-years in business, we’ve helped numerous companies in the High-Tech, CPG/FMCG, Finance, Trade Service, Retail, Hospitality, and Sports & Lifestyle segments to develop ‘outside the box’ B2B marketing and sales programs which incorporate results driven fundamentals such as;

Brand and Product Marketing:
Content Marketing is so undervalued with 88% of B2B Marketers use Digital Content Marketing for their business development and lead generation.

Apart from driving your educational programs and positioning your company as a subject matter expert, your content boosts your SEO ensuring you appear in online search engines. Combine this with a great brand marketing strategy and a tactical campaign will very quickly build brand recognition which drives value.

Don’t forget to consider new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Voice-Activated Assistants. (very cool way to get people talking about your brand)

[Download our Brand Development Guide]
[Learn More about Content Marketing]

Business Development Programs:
Drive your lead generation using a range sales engagement programs which deliver 'hyper-targeted' omnichannel digital marketing campaigns.

Traditional social media and digital marketing is great, BUT start to think about taking this to the next level by incorporating the latest digital engagement tools.

Rather than just running digital campaigns, rev™ use advanced digital targeting tools that create ideal customer personas and search for these audiences across across multiple digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google. By aggregating the persona information using sophisticated analytical functions, we can then understand their behaviours e.g. their interests, online shopping behaviour, influence factor, and tailor engagement campaigns accordingly!

rev™ Digital Customer Experience tools allow you to plan and manage the experience and journey that your customers have with your business brand. We map your customer journey and then refine each of the digital touchpoints to match the purchase decision process used by your customers. We ensure that your customer’s journey is personalised with ‘contextually relevant’ information to make the buying process enjoyable and simple.
[Visit our self-service Business Development Dashboard]

Sales Toolkits:
Arming your sales team with quality (and relevant) sales tools is the BEST way to close sales.

Instead of a sales kit full of the dreary slide shows and brochures, think about upgrading to some of the newer more engaging digital tools such as;

- Digital content using video and animations.
- Online education portals with interactive Q&A tools driven by webots.
- Digital Apps which provide value-add functions for customers.
- Engagement tools using Augmented Reality (AR) and Gamification (the really fun stuff).

Lastly, DO NOT underestimate the use of personalised content for digital campaigns.
Leverage digital marketing pixels to track your customers interaction with your campaigns in order to build a tailored purchase process.
[Learn how to use Digital Pixels and Digital Remarketing]

Sales Training, Coaching and Mentoring:
It doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing and business development, if you don’t have the right sales people, process, training, coaching and mentoring in place, leads will simply evaporate.

Check out our range of training programs for sales strategy and tactics, brand and product marketing, sales training, sales coaching, and sales mentoring.
[Visit our self-service Sales Development Dashboard]

Account Management and Engagement Programs:
Account management programs and customer nurturing is key to not only retaining loyal customers, but also up-selling additional products and services. Think about ways that entertain, engage but create “stickiness” with your clients.

Develop business Apps for iOS and Android that provide extended functionality that is always available.
Apps can be a great way to receive content such as updates, promotions, events and customer support information such as billing and warranty details.

Invest in your email marketing which includes workflow.
The workflow component can automate further email content based upon the recipients actions (content clicks).

Upgrade your social marketing.
Set-up your digital pixels to track online visitors and trigger personalised content based upon their actions.
Create open or closed comminity groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms. These are a great way for your customers and also prospects to interact and share war stories and business challenges.

Leverage the digital products that are available to your business!

Have a great website?
Think about using it more to drive education, engagement and of course up-sell opportunities.
Why not extend its functionality to support a customer self-help portal or a knowledge centre?
Look at applying digital experience tools to your website. These can monitor and engage website visitors in real time.
[Learn about Website Development & Marketing]

Email Marketing:
Leverage your email marketing campaigns using workflow.
Customise ongoing email messages and content based upon their interests or previous email actions.
[Learn how to use email to drive new business]

Think about Augmented Reality Tools:
Think about how virtual reality tools can help your clients.
We recently worked with a company who uses virtual reality tools to show retail store designs and product mock-ups to reduce the back-and-forth design and scope meeting process.

Introduce message automation tools like chatbots:
Many companies have replaced their website "contact us" pages with live message services e.g. Facebook messenger.
Using chatbot tools, conversations can become more automated; a great way to reduce account management and support costs whilst increasing your response times.
[Learn how to use Digital to create business opportunities]

Gartner says that 87% of companies surveyed say their business will be impacted by the digital revolution. ONLY 44% say they are prepared or begun their digital transformation journey.

rev™ has been providing business coaching and mentoring to our company for the past 6-months. Our marketing results have been excellent, and our sales have increased more than three times compared to the previous year. We also have a far wider distribution network now in place that allows us to scale. We are extremely happy with the business strategy, advice and services provided by rev™. - Matthew Bishop, Location Co

Need the help of an expert B2B Marketer?

rev™ Sales & Marketing Acceleration are EXPERTS at B2B Marketing and Sales programs.
Our experience in B2B Marketing covers a variety of industry segments including:
• Software Developers or Hi-Tech Companies
• Hospitality
• Building and Construction
• Sports and Lifestyle
• Trade / Service Companies
• Packaged Goods and FMCG
• Finance and Insurance
• Franchise and Retail Groups.

We work as a business consultant to help plan and implement B2B marketing and sales strategies. For companies who wish to do it themselves, we also offer a DIY Training service where we act as a trainer and mentor to your team.

Whatever model suits your type of business, call +61 3 9863 7444 or email to discuss how we can tailor something to meet your business goals and objectives.

Take advantage of our FREE Business Consult offer.
To learn more about this offer and to book your consult session, click the Book Now!

Robert Durrant - CEO

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